Homeschoolers Art Class (Ages 5-12) MARCH

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Homeschoolers Art Class (Ages 5-12) MARCH


Art class designed for homeschool and cyberschool students during a weekday afternoon for students ages 5-10. This course runs in 6 week sessions and is related to state and national curriculum standards with enriched cross-curricular topics such as literature, history, geography math, and science. Instruction is differentiated for the students' ages and abilities within in each class and consists of both guided and self-guided activities.
Within these sessions there are opportunities to incorporate topics students study at home into our classes. Please let us know if there are subjects you'd like us to include in our sessions.

Sessions follow historical themes however at times we'll focus on artistic technique and process. We can customize the sessions to better align with corresponding home study, so contact the director with your suggestions.

Also, creativity is encouraged in a fun and supportive environment! Yes, these session topics sound very academic, however we'll approach them with interesting, hands on activities.

Currently we running sessions Friday afternoons from 1-3pm. You don't have to register your child for every session and can join a session at anytime at a prorated rate. If you register for ALL sessions, September through May, you get a complementary week of Summer Young Artist classes!

Fridays, 1-3pm on these dates:

Session I- Pre-Historic & Ancient Civilizations- Sept 7- Oct 12

Session II- Gothic & Medieval Art - Nov 2- Dec 14 (No class Nov 23)

Session III- The Renaissance- Jan 4-Feb 8

Session IV- Enlightenment into the 19th Century- Mar 1-Apr 5

Session V- 20th Century into Contemporary Times- Apr 26- May 31

$140.00 for a 6 week session, includes all supplies

Contact the Director, Veronica Batter, at

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